Help us make history together in 2020.

Cohasset’s 250th Anniversary is a landmark year. We plan to celebrate throughout 2020 with events, tours, and celebrations our entire community can enjoy. We'll showcase our close-knit town to honor the past, celebrate the present, and to set the course for our future. 

Vote for the Official Cohasset cocktail!

Try these two cocktail recipes and cast your vote. 

Grab your friends and taste test the cocktails before casting your vote by December 31st.
You can vote below or by emailing us your choice. 
We'll tally the votes (in between sips), and share the winner in January.

Don't forget to share photos of your tasting efforts by using the hashtag #cohasset250!


Try the Cohasset 250th Anniversary cocktail recipes.


 Developed by Cohasset style-makers, Alison and Stephen Sheffield.

Alison Stephen Sheffield 250th Party.jpeg
We’ve fallen in love with the Cohasset community after moving here from Boston three years ago. We worked to develop cocktails you would enjoy with your friends and family and at your favorite spot in town. We are having a hard time deciding how we’ll cast our own votes!
— Alison Sheffield

Interior Designer Alison Sheffield, owner of Sheffield Interiors, and Stephen Sheffield, Fine Art Photographer and Mixed Media Artist worked tirelessly to develop modern Cohasset cocktail recipes immersed in our rich town history. 

They studied the original Cohasset Punch and took a fresh look at how to continue this special Cohasset tradition. 
The Sheffields partnered with local businesses including Boston Harbor Distillery, owned by Cohasset’s own Rhonda Kallman and sourced local ingredients.

250th Party Greeters Finn Sheffield and Celia Bianchi.jpg

Become one of our Cohasset Storytellers.

Cohasset is a town full of stories. To mark the 250th milestone, we will collect inspiring and engaging stories of our community via individual storytelling in an effort to highlight the fabric of our community. Share your story with us to become a Cohasset Storyteller and to be part of our town’s collective memory by contributing to our oral history project.

250th storytellers.jpg

How do you share a story with us? It’s simple.

  • You can upload your story by recording yourself with your smartphone and sharing it here.

We do have some suggestions if you are game to join our ranks as a Cohasset Storyteller.

  1. Keep your story short––in most cases 5 minutes maximum.

  2. Practice it before you record it. Be sure to state your name at the top and at the end.

  3. Speak clearly and slowly, (but not unusually slowly. Just don’t rush
    your words). 

We can’t wait to hear your story!

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Cohassetism: (co·ha·sset·ism), n. a visual expression that is characteristic of living in Cohasset; an experience unique to those who live in Cohasset; a charming detail about living in Cohasset; funny things only your Cohasset neighbors would recognize and understand.

Tag your favorite cohassetisms with #cohassetisms and use #cohasset250 to show us how you are preparing for our 250th anniversary!